Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada
Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada

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Population Estimated in 2001 to be 1150
1986 Gender Distribution Male - 53%
Female - 47%
1986 Age Distribution 0-4 - 16%
5-14 - 25%
15-64 - 57%
65+ - 2%
1991 Ethnic Distribution Inuit - 93%
Non-Native - 5.6%
Languages Spoken Inuktitut
Political Organization  
Hamlet Status April 1st, 1982
Hamlet Office Phone (867) 897-8943
Fax (867) 897-8030
Liquor Plebiscite April 1st, 1992, Possession requires community approval
The Economy  
Major Activities Carving, print-making
Co-operatives West Baffin Eskimo Co-op Limited
Renewable Resources Artic Char, clams, shrimp
  Marine Mammals: Beluga whale, right whale, killer whale, harbour seal, harp seal, harbour seal, bearded seal, walrus
  Game: Caribou, polar bear, fox, wolf, arctic hare, goose, duck, ptarmigan
  Quotas: Caribou 300, Polar bear 10
Other Resources Soapstone, marble, medium-level uranium potential area
Art Carvings, stonecut and lithograph prints, drawing by world reknown artists
Tours Boat, dogsled, snowmobile, walking and hiking tours
Other Useful Information

Cost of living is 65% greater than Montreal
Food prices are 69% greater than Yellowknife

Business Clothing manufacturing, arts and crafts making, taxi, hotels, building contractors, restaurants, general retail, outfitter, tour packagers
Power Nunavut Power Corporation 1800 kw diesel
Water Pipeline from Tee Lake, 1.5 km [1 mile] to settlement, chlorinated and trucked to houses
Sanitation Sewage pumped from each house
Fuel Tank farm north of community stores diesel, heating, gasoline and airplane fuel
Transportation Regular by-weekly flights by First Air and Kenn Borek Air
Communications Canada Post, NorwesTel telephone, CBC Radio [community], CBC Television
Protection Services Police: RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] 4 person detachment
  Fire: 25 person volunteer fire brigade, triple combination pumper, fire hall
Medical 4 bed fully equipped, 11 person Community Health Centre with residential quarters attached
Social Services Social Services run by Hamlet, 4 social workers, Youth Justice Committee, Kinngait Aulatsivik Committee [alcohol and drug abuse]
Education Sam Pudliat School, K-6
Peter Pitseolak School, 7-12
school year: mid-August to mid-June
vocational and continuing education: Arctic College
Housing 250 residential housing units
Accommodation Kingnait Inn - 17 rooms / 35 person hotel
Polar Lodge - 8 room / 16 person hotel
Huit Huit Tours - Bed and Breakfast
Recreation and Culture Community Hall, school gymnasium, playgrounds, arena

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